About Us.

We’re on a mission.

Our company was formed on the principle that everyoneshould be able to lead a healthy lifestyle by juicing, without having to go in debt to get the right machinery. In 2003 we set out to create a better juicer after dealing with the frustrations of over-priced, clunky, ineffective and incredibly difficult to use juicers.

We also realized that people need education. We are committed to providing that eduction through our Instagram, Facebook and Weekly Newsletter – which is free and will always be free.

Quality Products

Affordable for anyone

Always Free” Education

Every single person at Healthy Juicer is an avid juicer and is hired based in part by how they lead their lifestyle. Part of our company culture and founding principles is to nurture. We care about the future of the human race and believe that leading a healthy lifestyle (and of course juicing!) should be the principle of staying and getting healthy.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

How Healthy Juicer Became.

We tried other juicers.  That was where the frustration started!  After dumping $150 on a juicer (we won’t name names here) and wasting a bunch of valuable wheatgrass and produce the thought of giving up on the healthy-lifestyle was rampant.  “This is way too difficult to keep up”.  We were tired of the norm and really tired of the outdated designs!

We knew there was a better way.  So we set out to design an effective alternative, which fit everyone’s budgetary needs.  We like to focus on several keypoints in all of our products:  Functional, Quality, Easy to Clean and Affordable.

Thousands of lives changed.

With over 17 years manufacturing the Healthy Juicer we have touched over 500,000 lives with our products.  This is our goal and what makes us the luckiest folks on the planet – we get to do a job that is rewarding, helping people and sustains the lives of our employees!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Join our team.

We are located in beautiful San Diego, we are always looking for folks who have a passion for health – including content/education writers for our blog, customer service representatives and for our inside sales team. Want to join us?  Contact us today.

Try the Healthy Juicer today for only $74.95

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US. 60-day trial. 1-year warranty. No hassle returns, we pay the shipping!

Money Back Guarantee on the Best Wheatgrass Juicer Ever!

So – what are the “sneaky” details of our Risk Free Trial?

Get it, try it, love it.  Don’t like it?  Email us and we email you a free shipping label to send it back.

One Year Warranty on the Healthy Juicer

We stand behind the Healthy Juicer.  For over 10 Years we have manufactured a quality product with less than 1% Warranty Claims.  We are quite proud of that!

Anything happens to any of the parts on your Healthy Juicer we will replace that part (just pay a small shipping fee).  No hassles, no fuss and provide same-day shipping to get you back on your juicing regimen!

Just a few things the Healthy Juicer can handle…plus LOTS more!

Comes with a table clamp AND suction base so you can affix anywhere
Stainless steel BPA free End Cap - full masticating juicer!

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