My Healthy Juicer Leaks – Oh My!

Don’t panic!  We have a sneaking suspicion that we know what you are encountering.

The juice is supposed to come out between the handle and the base!

Where the juice is supposed to come out of the healthy juicerJuice-Spout-Healthy-Juicer


Below you will find an instructional video that demonstrates exactly how the Healthy Juicer should be setup to allow the juice cup to collect the juice.

We promise, once you get it you will love how it works and scream “Ah-ha!”.  It’s often a prank we pull on all new employees ;-)

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So – what are the “sneaky” details of our Risk Free Trial?

Get it, try it, love it.  Don’t like it?  Email us and we email you a free shipping label to send it back.

One Year Warranty on the Healthy Juicer

We stand behind the Healthy Juicer.  For over 10 Years we have manufactured a quality product with less than 1% Warranty Claims.  We are quite proud of that!

Anything happens to any of the parts on your Healthy Juicer we will replace that part (just pay a small shipping fee).  No hassles, no fuss and provide same-day shipping to get you back on your juicing regimen!

Just a few things the Healthy Juicer can handle…plus LOTS more!

Comes with a table clamp AND suction base so you can affix anywhere
Stainless steel BPA free End Cap - full masticating juicer!

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