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Get a 100 Year (Lifetime) Warranty On The Healthy Juicer

100 Year (Lifetime) Warranty

You will still have your 1 Year Warranty regardless of accepting this offer, have no fear!

This offer adds a 100 Year (Ok, let’s just say a Lifetime) warranty to the purchase of your Healthy Juicer. It also provides you with $0.00 liability in the event of breakage after your 1 year warranty expires. Meaning, you will have no cost of shipping any parts (normally $12.00 shipping, free part).

This is a one time offer and may only be added at the time of purchase.

If you need to return your juicer within our 60-Day Period your Lifetime Warranty will also be refunded in full

Here Is How It Works
Money Back Guarantee on the Best Wheatgrass Juicer Ever!

So – what are the “sneaky” details of our Risk Free Trial?

Get it, try it, love it.  Don’t like it?  Email us and we email you a free shipping label to send it back.

One Year Warranty on the Healthy Juicer

We stand behind the Healthy Juicer.  For over 10 Years we have manufactured a quality product with less than 1% Warranty Claims.  We are quite proud of that!

Anything happens to any of the parts on your Healthy Juicer we will replace that part (just pay a small shipping fee).  No hassles, no fuss and provide same-day shipping to get you back on your juicing regimen!

Just a few things the Healthy Juicer can handle…plus LOTS more!

Comes with a table clamp AND suction base so you can affix anywhere
Stainless steel BPA free End Cap - full masticating juicer!

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