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Security that isn’t scary.™

Traditional security systems tell you if your door is open or closed. We believe real security comes from knowing what’s actually going on at home.

Our approach.


Traditional Security

Many DIY and traditional home security systems use sensors mounted on your doors, windows, and walls. While they may give you access to features like alarms or home monitoring, these outdated security systems only focus on the perimeter of your home, and fail to give you “smart security”—meaningful information about what’s actually happening inside.

Canary Security

Canary’s simple, smart home monitoring solution goes way beyond the perimeter. It lets you see and hear what’s happening using wide-angle HD video monitoring, high-quality audio, motion detection, and temperature, humidity, and air quality readings. With Canary, you have all the information you need to choose the right response, whether it’s calling the authorities or sounding the alarm.

Most people don’t have security.

Existing security systems are mostly designed for homeowners—not people who live in the city and rent or sublet their homes. These systems are hard to install, harder to use, and almost impossible to take with you when you move.


12% of renters own security systems1


31% of homeowners own security systems

Those who have it, don’t use it.

Traditional home security systems have a 94–99% false alarm rate. It’s annoying. It’s costly. And the biggest problem? False alarms cause many households to stop turning on their systems at all.


2/3 of people with security systems leave them off

Compare Canary.

Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199
Average Initial Cost $1450 $200-$1200 $199


Juice any leafy green (including wheatgrass) as well as harder varieties of fruits


Use your time to enjoy life and drink juice.  No internal screens and only 3 main parts to clean!


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Stainless steel end cap and auger-tip and a virtually indestructible BPA-Free auger.


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1. Consumer Electronics Association, 9th Annual Household and Teen CE Ownership and Market Potential Study (2007); 2. Freakonomics,“The Hidden Cost of False Alarms”(2012); 3.ADT Safety Data index(2013); 4. National Fire Protection Assoc., Michael J. Karter, Jr,“Report: Fire Loss in the United States During 2012”(2012); 5. Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey,Household Burglary: 1994-2011(2013); 6. Federal Bureau of Investigation,Crime in the United States, by State(2012); 7. Blackstone, Erwin A., Andrew J. Buck, Simon Hakim,“Evaluation of Alternative Policies to Combat False Emergency Calls”, Evaluation and Program Planning, Elsevier vol. 28 (2005); 8. Federal Bureau of Investigation,“Crime in the United States, Burglary”(2010)

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